Round pegs in square holes

We are international

Working at Wordapp, you are part of a truly international and multicultural team. On a daily basis, you can hear 10s of different languages at the office, and conversations with all the corners of the world. Whether you speak Boolean, PHP or Swedish, you will feel at home at Wordapp.

Hocus Focus

When you walk into the Wordapp office you will notice it right away: there’s a contagious work ethic, an incredible focus on execution. We are extremely passioned about making an amazing product that’s simple, fast and cutting-edge. We are data driven, nothing but facts can change our minds. And if someone has a ‘feeling’ – well, then we dig in and find the data that will tell us the facts.


Swedish for ‘dandelion child’, the type of people who have the capacity to survive -even thrive- in whatever situation they end up. There’s no victims at Wordapp, just survivors.

Mehmet behind computer